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Photo Gallery


Stratton lab get-together at Forbes field,  a two minute walk from the Neuro. (2021)

Stratton+Antel+Healy lab get-together at Forbes field, celebrating Nina and Nick's end of studies and admittance to med. (2021)


Stratton lab pizza party! (2021)

Celebration of Felix Jasmin's ultra successful "Le Grand Portage", raising over $500,000 for MS research. (2021)

Mt Royal pic.jpg

Group photo overlooking Montreal atop Mount Royal, a 15 minute walk from the Neuro. (2021)

End-of-year celebration with Stratton and Antel labs. (2021)

Lab Image 2021.jpg
Pizza with Tanja.jpg

Lab pizza lunch with Stratton lab, Antel lab, and visiting professor Dr. Tanja Kulmann. (2022)

Retirement party for our wonderful research technician Manon! Group photo of Stratton and Antel labs. (2022)

Team pic Manon ret.jpeg

Vanier party for Adam G and Sherilyn (in hats!) who were winners of the ultra-competitive Vanier competition. (2022)

A brisk hike on Mount-Sainte-Hilaire nature reserve to kick off the fall semester! The Stratton and Antel labs came together for the hike, an egg-drop competition, and a lovely meal at a local pub! (2022)

Red tree 2022.jpg

An early morning hike to enjoy the fall colors of Mount Royal. (2022)

Greeting Felix Jasmin at the Neuro as he rounds out his journey for "Le Grand Portage", fundraising over $400,000 for MS research. (2022)

Grand portage 2022.jpg
Party at Jacks.jpeg

A wonderful Holiday party to round out another successful year for the neuroimmunology team! (2022)

Lab members together for this year's ISNI conference 2023 in Quebec City

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